Hilboldt Curtainwall, Inc. | Constructing what's outside. Protecting what's inside.

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Hilboldt Curtainwall, Inc... is a St. Louis based commercial construction company specializing in the engineering, fabrication and installation of exterior wall systems. We work with architects, construction managers, and developers to design, build, and install high quality exterior wall systems with an emphasis on prefabrication to the fullest extent possible, according to the unique specifications of each individual job.

We focus on curtainwalls... which differ from storefront systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors, and take into consideration design and performance requirements such as: thermal expansion and contraction; building sway and movement; water diversion; and thermal efficiency for cost-effective heating, cooling, and lighting in the building.

At Hilboldt Curtainwall, Inc... we own our 55,000 square foot office, fabrication and warehouse site, conveniently located in South St. Louis City, adjacent to "The Hill". We have the capacity to fabricate and store custom panels for every project size.

Hilboldt... a name recognized for over 30 years as representing quality and ingenuity in the glass and glazing, and curtainwall construction industry.

We are driven by a commitment to excellence.








Hilboldt Curtainwall, Inc. | Constructing what's outside. Protecting what's inside.

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Our custom curtainwall system has withstood the test of time. Please click here to view a project sampling.

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