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Dennis Hilboldt was a founding owner of National Glass and Glazing, a St. Louis based curtainwall construction company. When he left to start Hilboldt Curtainwall in 2005, he retained the irrevocable right to continue to use and market the Convention Series custom curtainwall system that he helped to develop. The first two buildings to use this system were the National Personnel Records Center and Riverport I, both built in 1988. Please visit the "Projects" tab to see photographs of these buildings and other featured projects that were built with our custom curtainwall system.

The Convention Series System is an exterior glazed pressure plate system suitable for all curtainwall applications. The system has the capacity to match custom profiles and individual performance requirements with structural, thermal, seismic and aesthetic considerations.

The Convention Series offers the option of 2", 2.5" or 3" face dimensions with custom depths. This system is versatile, in that using fixed or split verticals with fixed or expansion horizontal rails at various modules can enlarge each panel's capacity. The panel sizes have ranged in width from 5'-0" to 50'-0" and in length from 10'-0" to 65'-0". High span applications are made possible by reinforcing structural mullions with steel infill.

Hilboldt Curtainwall also has the option of a structural glazing system (the Convention Series SG System), and a combination of the two allows for butt glazing options together with a conventional captured installation.

The Convention Series is available in a variety of finishes including Class I or II anodic colors as well as a factory applied, oven baked paint coating.

Convention Series Specifications

Materials: Aluminum framing members shall be of 6063-T6 or 6061-T6 alloy. EPDM gaskets are used for glazing perimeters. All mullions and horizontals for glazing of 1/4" or greater shall be thermally isolated from the pressure plate by a rigid vinyl separator.

Finish: All exposed surfaces shall receive a painted finish applied by a licensed applicator. Hilboldt Curtainwall will furnish color samples upon request.

Performance: A certified test report by an AAMA accredited testing agency states that the Convention Series meets the following specified criteria:

  1. Air Infiltration: Air infiltration shall not exceed .06 CFM per square foot or 24.1 CFM gross leakage. (ASTM-E283)
  2. Water infiltration: (Static and Dynamic) No visible water on any inside surface at a test pressure of 15 PSF when tested in accordance with ASTM-E331.
  3. Structural Load: The deflection of any member shall not exceed L/175 of clear span for spans up to 13'6" and not to exceed L/240 of clear span plus 1/4" for spans greater than 13'6". The vertical glass infill panel shall not deflect greater than .95" with horizontal not greater than .34". (ASTM-E330) All units are securely anchored with all joints fully caulked to insure a watertight system.
Hilboldt Curtainwall, Inc. | Constructing what's outside. Protecting what's inside.

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Our custom curtainwall system has withstood the test of time. Please click here to view a project sampling.

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